Meet our professional team.

Amazing advertising and marketing team

Conoce a nuestro equipo de profesionales.

Sandro Marcelo

Wedge Art Direction Segment and responsible for new businesses, specialist in Advertising and Marketing, brings a lot of knowledge and dedication in his bag.

Cristiane de cássia

Wedge Accounting and people management Segment, specialist in business management and people management, graduated from the Fleury Institute.

Isabela de Cássia

Wedge Intern Segment, the youngest of the Tangerina MKT family, specializing in content generation and graphic design.


sergio del corso

Wedge Spain-Italy, responsible for the Tangerina MKT Europe office, located in Barcelona, ​​Spain and in Milan, Italy.

Alex Kissilevitc

Wedge International Business Segment – today he is responsible for international negotiations within Tangerina MKT.

Robson Rossi

Wedge Art direction Segment, more than two decades of experience in advertising and marketing, responsible for the general art direction of Tangerina MKT !

pietro mauro

Wedge website management for e-commerce and Marketplace Segment, specializing in large web servers and applications.

lailton Soares

Wegde certified Google Specialist Segment, head of ADS for Google, Facebook and Instagram, sales funnel specialist.

Diego Vacilotto

Wedge social media manager segment, responsible for helping to create and lead the entire digital strategy of the new brands arriving here at Tangerina MKT.

Davi Balsan

Wedge WebMaster Segment, specialist in web systems with extensive knowledge in the area of programming. 

Patricia Poltronieri

Wedge Social Media Segment, responsible for updating, monitoring and generating content for the official pages of Tangerina MKT customers.

Raimundo Nascimento

Wedge Photographer Segment, specialist in event and business photos

Lucas Marigo

Wedge Film director and videomaker Segment, specialist in stage direction, specialist in institutional and advertising videos.

Rafael Ramires

Wedge journalist segment, specializing in press releases and content generator for media and blogs.

Ricardo Matias

Wedge designer and specialist in static 3D compositions Segment, with extensive knowledge in the area of architectural creation.

kelvin Linhares

Wedge graphic design segment, specialist in creating the artwork and generating material for Tangerina MKT clients’ social media.

César Marangoni

Wedge development and creations in Photoshop Segment, Illustrator and also an audio specialist.

Mirelle Furlan

Wedge motion graphic segment, an After Effects composition specialist, also generates content for social media.

Rodolfo Giovanni

Wedge webmaster segment, specialist in web systems with extensive knowledge in the area of programming. 

maurilio Alves

Wedge IT, responsible for the full health of our MAC and Personal Computers, specialist in Hardware and Software.

Rafaela Gomes

Wedge journalist specializing in press relations and content generator for media and blogs.

Fernando Herrera

Wedge  Senior programmer, specialist in mobile systems with extensive knowledge in the area of programming. 

Vinícius Navas

Wedge WebMaster, specialist in web systems with extensive knowledge in the area of programming. 

beto nascimento

Wedge Cartoonist, content generator in drawings of the most varied styles, specialist in colorization and creation.