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Advertising and Marketing

Every business needs a good plan to grow and achieve the expected results in the best possible way. Indicators, results, engagement.


Content Marketing, a set of digital marketing strategies for generating leads, attracting and converting potential customers through quality content production.


Your company needs the best set of actions in the digital environment to attract more customers and generate sales and business, standing out in the market


Does your company or your business need an app? Well, here at Tangerina MKT we do. Each app development project is fully customized to meet our customers’ goals.

Mobile UI/UX

Many of our projects are aimed at startups with innovative concepts and within that, the user’s behavior ends up being unusual, which makes the application increasingly playful and instinctive.


As it is an extremely broad area, it has subcategories, such as graphic design, products, environments, fashion, etc. It does not stop there. Graphic design, for example, can be further divided into animation, packaging, interfaces, editorial and web.

E-commerce e Marketplace

Positioning in the market and having a good E-commerce system and knowing where to distribute your products is up to us, here at Tangerina MKT we have experts in the areas of E-commerce and Marketplace.

Still Photography

For some, Still Photography, is having their product well photographed and a premium post-production is essential for their business. That’s what we do here! Tangerina MKT has its own mobile studio. Come with us!

Institutional vídeo

Institutional video, video marketing, training videos and product video. Yes, all this can take your company to another level and, at Tangerina MKT, we have the team for it!


We are experts. we create names for company, product, product line, portfolio, mascot and character. Our method of creation is guided by 3 pillars: investigation, validation and guarantee.

Social Media

The real functions of our team are focused on writing, designing, planning and ad campaigns. Working in social media requires a high degree of knowledge of available tools and marketing/communication processes that you only find here at Tangerina MKT.

Social Selling

We help our customers to position themselves in a way their buyers will interact naturally and continuously, this is Social Sellin: interaction and humanization of sales!


The website is your company’s business card on the internet and can increase your business’ visibility and credibility.
A good website is essential to attract new customers and increase sales, as it conveys a solid and reliable image of the company.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has as its main objective to position the brand in the right place and time of the customer journey to offer the best solutions for the lead. That is, publishing relevant and valuable content in order to attract, convert and delight an audience.


It is a content production strategy focused on convincing the reader to take a specific action. The copywriter must write the “copy” (text) thinking about its persuasive character, using triggers to arouse interest in the reader, with the objective of generating conversions and sales.

Success Trajectory

Our numbers are amazing! You will be surprised!

Tangerina MKT - Propaganda e Marketing

As we have said before, we were born in 1999 and since then we have grown a lot, our evolution has gone through all stages and today we are without a doubt one of the biggest Advertising and Marketing agencies in the national territory!

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